Travel and Transportation

Driving digital transformation

Our technology is helping the transport & travel sectors run more efficiently and serve their customers better. We’ve worked with organisations to enable outstanding customer experience through innovative operational technologies.

Tap & go smart cards

Travel is about speed, convenience, and customer experience. Our smart card solution is a reusable electronic ticket that can be topped up with credit to pay for transport fares. The contactless functionality of the card allows travellers to seamlessly hop on and off buses, trams or trains without purchasing a physical ticket.

Top up credits on the move

We developed a multi-level top up system so travellers don’t need to worry about running out of smart card credits. Consumers can easily top up on the go via the eWallet mobile app, manage their accounts and block their smart cards when lost. The eWallet functionality provides for hassle-free travel and ensures secure transactions on the move. 

Multichannel sales, made easy

We set up a system that helps combine channels to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. A customer has the ultimate purchase choice. Combining digital and in station experience, a traveller can purchase a pass online, from a self-service kiosk or from the station staff at a cash desk. Applying this system helps facilitate all types of travellers and alleviates pressure on onsite staff.

Customer insights & real time reporting

Our system helps travel and transport businesses know their customers better. Data available from smart card usage is automatically condensed into reports for better customer analysis. Travel organisations can see the flow of customers or behaviour and trends to monitor performance and maximise opportunities.

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