Digitalise your access control

Streamline your venue’s traffic flow

Speed up verification, prevent fraud & track your footfall in real time with the latest multi-level RFID access control solution. 

Validate access with a quick tap

Turn your Android devices into scanners and verify access to specific areas with just the tap of the smart RFID wristbands. 

Designed with flexibility to suit complex setups and venues of any sizes, and to work seamlessly with our ticketing or cashless wristband payment solutions.


Take full control of your access management

Set up specific areas, grant individuals single or multiple access, automate age and data verification. RFID technology greatly improves security, as it makes it impossible to gain unauthorised access or share wristbands with multiple people.

Live data at your fingertips

Track occupancy levels in real time from your devices. Analyse your traffic flow & identify the most popular areas with detailed reporting through your admin panel. 

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